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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Of cricket and exams

   From the title, I guess you can tell that a lot has happened since I last wrote to you. First of all, the board exams ended, a welcome event, but a thought- provoking one nonetheless. It seemed like a reiteration of the feeling of finality; it showed me how nothing except change is constant in this life. And so, I changed, once again, from a student driven by her pursuit for a decent GPA to one of those aimless people who don’t seem to have any purpose in life except strutting down the street. I had so many things planned for the holidays, knowing all I needed was time and I would able accomplish all those things that I had to put on hold for the exams, but I think I may over-estimated my reading abilities by putting ‘Wuthering Heights’ AND ‘Twelfth Night’ at the top of my exhaustive and extremely long reading list. “Why?” You ask, probably because I’m becoming a literature nerd.
   Anyway the flipside of this schedule is that I only manage to read a couple of pages every day, giving me a lot of time to listen to all my favourite artists on a loop-obviously GOOD music takes a backseat when studying. Another thing that I have been doing is watching cricket matches, which I haven’t really done since I turned 10. I used to be a huge fan of cricket, how could I not after being raised by a loving grandfather who believed cricket to be the only useful thing on TV; but I guess somewhere along the long winding road to teenage, I left that piece of baggage behind. Watching these matches has helped me rediscover my love for the sport and those men in blue. The freshly leveled green pitch, the anticipation right before the toss, frustration at the inclusion of power play (seriously, how much easier can they make it?), the crack of the bat as it hits the ball, that whooping feeling at the pit of your stomach when you realize that Dhoni hit it out of the park…to infinity and beyond, all these feelings that make a cricket fan what they are, I wonder how I could have forgotten it all!

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