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Monday, December 06, 2010

A world though my window

Through my window I see,
A different scene every day,
Below a beautiful tree,

I see a shed,
That was once a shop, but now,
An old lady sits there instead.

Some days the tree is yellow,
and other days the old lady sits below it,
with a winnow.

Many more trees,
Capture my eye,
As they rock in the breeze,

People walk by frequently-
a groups of school girls i see,
with a bunch of boys following devotedly,

Many people pass by every day,
And I find it strange,
That none notice these trees as they sway,

These are the things I love so,
the beautiful, perfect world,
outside my window.


umbaradesigns said...

wonderful....could have had a rhythm like the swishing and swaying of branches. it is almost there

nalini said...

lovely...just lovely.....:).....very inspiring....