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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Spider Of Swan Lake- an ode to my leg

The two spiders crept out of the house,
long before dawn to meet the ballet mouse,
one was big, all purple and grey,
the other, smaller,blue like the bay,
with the mouse they danced,
and moved as though entranced,
but when twirling,the little spider,
got tangled and landed in a bottle of cider,
she felt some pain in her leg,
saw that it had been broken,and sat by a peg
although she was in obvious discomfort,
she did her best to look unhurt,
the ballet mouse kindly helped her,
by bandaging her leg with fur,
so ends her ballet career,
so small was her leg, as was her swan lake tenure.
                                                  by Anna Narayanan


Hi! I'm Anna,an average person,lost in cyberspace who is bored with life. I recently injured my leg, and the inactivity is literally KILLING me, so I decided it was time for me to start that blog that I've been mening to for such a long time. So here it is.