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Monday, August 23, 2010

Unearthly visitor

My day had been very bad, I was upset. It all began when I woke up late,I was late for school, and then followed a series of events, so misfortunate, I cannot even BEGIN to explain them.When I went to bed that night,I was still sad.But,when I was asleep, I dreamt,I dreamt of a vividly dressed extra-terrestrial friend, who who told told me of wondrous places, buildings so high that they were cloaked in clouds,beasts so terrifying and magical that they couldn't possibly exist. She spoke to me of all the times that she had felt sad, and how things had always turned out well, she said that if on her poisonous planet, where jealousy and envy,took on entirely different meanings,things could turn out well,then it would definitely turn out well here, on my planet too.Her words gave me hope,and I realized how silly I had been,to let one bad day get me down. She spoke to me a little while longer,and then, she left.But just before leaving,she gave me a pen, not very futuristic, I know, but she told me it was a communication device. And that was the end of my dream.I slept peacefully after that.The next morning,I woke up feeling fresh and well-rested(at the right time-thank god!) As I got up, and looked around,I realized I had something in my fist.I opened it,and there sat a pen. Hmmmm.... I wonder, what if I click it.....