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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Days Gone By

Well hello there! Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t be posting till APRIL, but I’ve just had a bit of free time , and I just couldn’t resist.
A lot of things have changed in the past month, we finished one battery of exams, then the second one began and the last official day of school went by. It’s not like I really love school, but this whole year has just been too amazing for me not to feel anything. I’ve made a lot of new friends, become close to someone I thought I hated (in truth I was just being stupid), and reconciled with a forgotten mate. This year for me, besides being about studying and securing a future, has been filled with a long parade of perfect people, who made me feel welcome amongst them, like I was even wanted. I remember my last day like it was yesterday, filled with fun, much more than usual, owing to the fact that we were all so determined to have a memorable time. I remember that at the end of the day, I was feeling quite proud of myself, because I hadn’t shed a single tear, while my classmates wept freely around me, but as luck would have, when I left my classroom and entered the hallway, I started to tear up! (O_o) I suppose it was just the finality of it all, hitting me when I saw everyone hugging. I realized that I would never see so many of my friends ever again, suddenly I felt like a kid on a tree, all the way up, but afraid to climb down, a feeling I'm almost a stranger to. Just thinking of that day, a myriad of emotions come rushing to me, compelling me to pour my heart out, and here is the result of that-

Days gone by

Memories come to me,
Thoughts racing around my mind,
Each more vivid than the last,
Each, an important marker of the past.

So many sunny days,
Spent without care,
Sly little pranks, played on friends,
Finally being allowed to write with pens,

But the memories that are most clear,
Are the ones of the people I hold dear,
So many amazing people passing easily,
Through this inconsequential story.

But the question remains-
Did I treat them right?
Or was I far too casual,
About relationships so valuable?

And the answers I can’t find,
Perhaps I am afraid of the truth,
Afraid of feeling regret,
Friend, don’t go, not yet!

I find myself hoping,
Hoping it’s not too late,
To make amends,
Can we still be friends?



Lokahith Agasthya- Change the world, it's within your reach said...

I would like to be a little critical here though I must say the effort is laudable.
A few grammatical mistakes here and there though unintentional have crept in.
And I see your new to blogging so what you must do is get as many people to read your blog, ask for suggestions, see which post is praised and which is criticised and then improve slowly.
PS- The poem is just tooo good, its the para before that needs improvement.

Anna said...

Thank you! And I see what you're saying, I think I was just typing too fast. I edited the para like you said, is it better now?
PS: I read your blog, really really good, but you should post more often.

Devina said...

Hey Lokahith you made a grammatical mistake too!!:"And I see *your* new to blogging " is supposed to be you're lol :D