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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The true madness begins

Its so hard to believe that its been just a week and a half since I last posted something. The past couple of days have been sooo filled, that I had to remind myself now and again to catch my breathe. This is the first bit of free time I've had, and that's only because I'm taking a break from studying math. I've heard people say that 10th is a hard time where you have to focus a lot, but no one ever told me that the last three months would seem like a meteor crashing and coming to glorious fiery end. Let me explain this analogy to you- the first couple of months were fine, not too different from other years, but the whole atmosphere just changes in the last few months when the sheer weight of it all comes crashing down on you.It's a crazy, crazy time, but I'm sure all of us will get through it just fine.

As the end begins,
and we leave the thicks to enter the thins,
every laugh is treasured,
every moment with a friend is cherished,
every smile is truly worth a million,
every unexpected moment is a bargain,
as the world come crashing down,
let's face it all without a frown.

This will be my last blog post till April, I really need to focus on studying. All the best everyone!