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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The little note

This was actually a short story I had posted a long time back, but somehow half of it got deleted, so here it is,rewritten-
Little Andy looked nervously around the playground.He was new to town and hadn't met anyone as young as him yet.On the ground,he saw some big kids playing with a ball,there were also girls his age, building sandcastles,but there were no boys at all...except for one.
This boy was Tim,and none of his friends had come to the park with him,so he was looking for someone to play with.As he looked around the playground,he saw a shy shy boy, who looked his age.
Tim went up to Andy."What's your name?",he asked,curiously."I'm Andy",came the answer."Hi Andy,I'm Tim. Shall we play?",asked Tim. Andy nodded and then thy were playing and laughing and having fun like they known each other all their life.

Ten years later:
Both the boys had reached the turbulent age of fourteen.But Andy had moved away a year ago. Although they had promised to stay close, it had not worked.
Tim was waiting anxiously for Andy to arrive. His family had finally moved back! But Tim was not anxious with excitement, it was a kind of anxious fear, a fear that his friend might not be the same as before.
Waiting outside for the door to open,Andy felt the same way. Nevertheless, he braced himself and entered the house with a fake smile plastered on his face.A moment passed as the two friends stared at each other.The awkwardness was in the air, almost palpable. Hasty 'Hello's were exchanged, but the tension didn't ease. Suddenly, Andy had an idea,he got a piece of paper, quickly wrote something on it and handed it to Tim, with a happy grin on his face. As Tim read the note, his smile became wider and wider until he nodded. The two boys then ran outside and started to play, just like they used to, laughing and teasing, all awkwardness and anxiety completely forgotten. Tim's mother had been watching all this. She became curious about the note. She picked it up from the place where Tim had dropped it . It read- Hi Tim, I'm Andy. It's been a long time, shall we play?

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